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Mardan City, Sheikh Malton Park,

Our trip to Mardan City from Rustam Sadhom, Ehsan Sports Complex,

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Tourism in Mardan
Mardan is one of the most fortunate region the country which is the custodian of very rich culture. The human civilization had evolved from the caves of Mardan dated back to 40000 BC. Mardan remained the hub of Gandhara civilization. The most splendor and well-known Buddhist monasteries & settlements are located in Mardan, the best Gandhara Buddhist art pieces have also been recovered in Mardan.

Some of Tourist destinations in and around Mardan areas are following

Kashmir smast cavetrekking Hindu site +Eco tourism.
Rani Gutt site ( The largest Buddhist site in Gandhara 2d BC to 5TH C AD)
Hund (The ancient capital of Gandhara on the bank of river Indus
Karamar Range ( This the highest mountain in Mardan full of unique rock formation)
Maha Ban forest trekking
Elam peak. Sacred place of Hindu (This highest peak 10000ft )
Takht bahi Buddhist site
Jamal Gahri Buddhist site
Niza bazi game
Camel Safari
Kota Trekking
Kinger Gali Pass
Horse and cattle show
Fakir Banrr Hindu Historical place
Ramesh chand House / Gurdwara Mardan
Nawabano Hujra Mardan
Tanga safari
Chato chowk
Mardan train
Sang batai olive forest
Sri Bahlol Buddhist site)
Kamal khan park
shah baz Gahri Asoka rock edicts
Chanko dheri Buddhist site


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